Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day!

Hello all,

It's New Year's day, 2011. I must admit that this New Year's festivities were overshadowed slightly by the fact that I'm having a baby on Tuesday!

First things first, our Christmas was really good. We spent the holidays down in Raymond with Spencer's family and had a nice relaxing time. Just what we needed. Connor enjoyed himself SO much, and we had many extra eyes to watch him! We even went out to the farm on Monday and pulled the sled behind Dale's Gator. (small jeep-like ATV). I had a good time trying to buck off Spencer - with success! So so so fun!

After Christmas, we came home and had a day to ourselves, we took ice skating for the second time, he's so fun to watch. This last Thursday we went to Costco to get some goodies for New Year's, and after we had paid for the food, Spencer got in line at the food court with Connor on his shoulders and I waited by the tables because there were NONE free. All of a sudden I looked up and saw Spencer and Connor on the floor! What the heck! I guess Connor jumped off Spencer's shoulders, and while trying to catch his fall by sticking out his butt, Spencer fell, and Connor fell on his nose. Blood everywhere, people surrounding us, people staring at us, crying and was quite a scene. We took him into the Children's Hospital ER and after waiting 90 minutes and being told it would be another 3-4 hrs wait...we left. The swelling was so bad, they wouldn't have been able to do anything anyways. So we came home and 2 days's still really swollen. And bruised. We decided that he looks kind of like an Avatar. I'm going to try and take him in to see our Family Doctor on Tuesday morning...before my c-section that afternoon! Talk about ringing in the New Year!

For New Year's we had some friends over, the kids played, we ate chicken wings, the kids went to bed, we watched a movie, had chocolate fondue and watched the countdown, had some bubbly drink and then...went to bed. It was perfect.

So now...we wait for Tuesday. We're not actually waiting, we're still busy trying to get stuff done. I made curtains for Connor's room and the baby's room, and we painted Connor's room (Actually, Spencer's mom came up and did that for us). So....that's all for now, I have a c-section scheduled for 2pm on Tuesday. The countdown begins....

Friday, December 10, 2010

This week....

This week I:

Had a pregnancy meltdown when my husband wasn't answering his cell phone....what if I was in LABOUR!

Have the Christmas party on Saturday night, my last hurrah before I get released and have a baby...when you're 35 weeks pregnant, you should NOT be in charge of biggest party your ward hosts every year.

Was pretty sure I was putting myself into labour as I was helping deliver food to the people who signed up to help cook for Saturday night...the food better taste extra good!

Got a couch for downstairs, and I love it! It is used, suede, tan color sectional with chaize, and both ends recline. It is also huge, and at first I thought it was too big for the basement, but I really like it and there is a ton of room.

Wrapped most of my Christmas presents last night. I think I've had the same package of Costco wrapping paper for 3 years...

Still have some Christmas shopping to

Realized I had a FALL blog background still! Thank goodness it's changed to a more winter one...I'm not sure I like it, but it's better than FALL!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Update and Quilt

Hey all,

So....I've been going for my regular every 2 weeks ultrasounds and here is the conclusion thus far: although the placenta DID move 5mm to be a total of 7mm away from the opening of the cervix and that placed me into the "low lying placenta" category rather than "placenta previa", I still will likely have to have a c-section. Boo. In order to NOT need a c-section the placenta needs to be 2cm away from the cervix opening, and I just had a ultrasound 2 days ago and it hadn't moved from it's 7mm spot. When I see my doctor on Tuesday I'll get the date of the c-section and she'll let me know if they'll check one more time to confirm or not. As of today I am 34 weeks....and feeling all of it!
I did get to go out the other day, a woman in my ward took Connor for me for 5 hours! so I could get some Christmas shopping done. I accomplished alot and felt good....until the cashier at Michael's asked me when I was due and I told her Jan 14 and she was like "REALLY!!? The way you look I would have though you were due today!". Wow....thanks. Nope lady, I still have 6 more weeks to go. Some people are just so dumb.
On another note, I (finally!) finished the quilt I made for my friend who had a baby girl 10 days ago. It is the first quilt I stippled and binded (bound?). Luckily, both were relatively easy to do and I had access to people who know what they're doing and were able to guide me. Here is the finished product:

Maybe one day I'll be special enough to do a tutorial of my own! Happy December folks, I'm gearing up to buy the food this week for the ward Christmas Party happening Dec 10...wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pregnancy update

Hey all who read and are interested:

Just an update on my pregnancy, I went for an ultrasound last week - no change. The placenta has not moved. They told me one of three things could happen: 1) it could still correct itself. 2) If I have no bleeding or complications, I could go on the home program where a nurse comes to my house frequently and takes blood samples and "checks" me. 3) If I DO have bleeding or complications, I likely will have to go to the hospital and be on bed rest. We're hoping the latter does not happen. So far I haven't had any complications, so we feel very lucky about that. I have to go for another ultrasound in a couple of weeks, and I'll talk to my doctor in a couple weeks as well, so so far we're just....waiting. Perhaps for nothings, perhaps for something, we're not sure.

On a good note, we are mostly done renovating our basement (finally!), we just need baseboards and carpet...and maybe a couch to sit on! I am determined to have carpet picked out and ordered by the end of the week. Here's hoping....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pregnancy Ups and Downs

So this last week has been a stress case, but turned out to be a wonderful experience of love from my Heavenly Father.
Start of the story: When I went for my routine ultrasound at 20 weeks they discovered something unusual, my family doctor told me it was something called vasa previa which I had no idea what that meant. She sent me to a specialist OB who does C-sections. I felt like she was jumping the gun a bit, I mean, I was already going to see my regular OB's in a few weeks and she didn't really seem that concerned with the findings of the ultrasound, but just told me no vaginal exams of any kind and no (ahem) loving with my lovey.
I went to see the specialist last week on Monday. She told me that indeed the 20 week ultrasound showed vasa previa. What exactly is that? Well, the placenta had broken into 2 pieces and the two pieces were connected by veins and arteries carrying the babies blood supply. These veins and arteries are not protected by anything, unlike the umbilical cord. Also, these veins and arteries were lying over my cervix. Bad because a) the baby has no way to get out and b) if these rupture or get torn at all, the baby and possibly me would die. Scary. So this specialist says to me that their standard practise for this condition is to admit the mom to hospital on bed rest at 30 weeks and then do an scheduled c-section at 36 weeks. WHAT?!!!? Are you freaking kidding me!? This can NOT be happening. I mean, I have a 2 year old, what the freak happens to him for 6 weeks. Not to mention that means I would be in the hospital for all of November and half of December, in which I'd get to come home a week before Christmas AFTER having a c-section! After telling me this, she also says she wants to send me for another ultrasound as a special place where they have a better machine and they are specialized in looking for things like this. So, after Monday, Spencer and I were having major meltdowns and stress.
On Tuesday the ultrasound place called to say they would like me to come in the next morning. I thought that the fact I was getting in so soon must mean something was majorly wrong with my situation. So of course I say yes and Spencer arranges to be there with me. Tuesday night I got a Priesthood blessing from Spencer and was promised that I would have a happy and healthy baby. That made me feel better, although still nervous about the upcoming weeks and months.
Wednesday morning I was drinking my 2 cups of water (yuck, who drinks 2 cups of water at 8:30am?!) and we made our way to the Maternal Fetal Medicine clinic. After waiting in the waiting room for over 45 minutes after my appointment was suppose to be (seriously people, my BLADDER is FULL!) I had my ultrasound. The girl doing it was very thorough and I got to see alot of the baby. (The place I went to had a tv on the wall in front of you to see everything the tech is doing). Then she looked at my cervix and then Spencer got to come in and look at the baby too. She also got a good look at the private parts and pretty much confirmed that we are having a girl. After the ultrasound a doctor came to talk to us with the results. He said that no in fact I did NOT have vasa previa and that my placenta was in one piece. Not two. We were of course elated! That was the best news we could have heard. He did say however that I do have placenta previa, but that the placenta is only covering 2mm of the cervix. He figures that it will shift on it's own due to the fact that my uterus is still growing and expanding. (the placenta is attached to the uterus, so it doesn't move on it's own, but rather with the uterus). So in la mans terms, I'm not completely out of the woods, and there's still a chance for hospitalization and a c-section, but I have to go for another ultrasound in 3 weeks to see if anything has moved or not.
So....I only had 2 days of extreme worrying, but it was awful! But out of this awfulness came a very special thing. I feel like Spencer and I experienced a miracle, which is so special. The blessing I received the night before was very lovely and I was so thankful that my husband could give it to me. We're hoping and praying for good things in 3 weeks, but I'm not really worried about it. I know that I will have a happy and healthy baby and really, that's all that matters.
Keep you posted.....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Too overprotective??

Last night we went to the park. We'd been there about 5 minutes when a man in his 60's came to sit on a bench, he had a model airplane with him. He kept looking across the field like he was waiting for someone to come meet him. There are only 2 benches in the whole park....we had one, he had the other. 20 minutes later we were leaving...and he was still sitting there. I found this weird, I mean, he was just sitting there. He wasn't doing anything inappropriate at all, but I felt uncomfortable. So when we came home, I called the police just to give them a heads up.
Do you think I'm too over protective or self righteous or something?

On another note, last Friday - August 20, 2 young people were killed on the highway while their 7 week old daughter survived. The husband and father killed was a good friend of mine from high school. This event has really confirmed to me a few things: Life is short and you just never know when things will come to an end. Me and my husband need to be more careful when driving. Spencer and I NEED to do a will. Does anybody else have a will, and more specifically have you legally chosen someone to take your children should something happen to you? I think for some people this is an easy choice, but for us, not so much. I'd love to hear what other people thought about to make this choice.

On a happy note....we leave for Vegas in 8 days!! I hear the weather is seriously 40 degrees Celsius, I hope we don't fry to death! I don't know, 5 months pregnant and 40 I crazy!?