Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day!

Hello all,

It's New Year's day, 2011. I must admit that this New Year's festivities were overshadowed slightly by the fact that I'm having a baby on Tuesday!

First things first, our Christmas was really good. We spent the holidays down in Raymond with Spencer's family and had a nice relaxing time. Just what we needed. Connor enjoyed himself SO much, and we had many extra eyes to watch him! We even went out to the farm on Monday and pulled the sled behind Dale's Gator. (small jeep-like ATV). I had a good time trying to buck off Spencer - with success! So so so fun!

After Christmas, we came home and had a day to ourselves, we took ice skating for the second time, he's so fun to watch. This last Thursday we went to Costco to get some goodies for New Year's, and after we had paid for the food, Spencer got in line at the food court with Connor on his shoulders and I waited by the tables because there were NONE free. All of a sudden I looked up and saw Spencer and Connor on the floor! What the heck! I guess Connor jumped off Spencer's shoulders, and while trying to catch his fall by sticking out his butt, Spencer fell, and Connor fell on his nose. Blood everywhere, people surrounding us, people staring at us, crying and was quite a scene. We took him into the Children's Hospital ER and after waiting 90 minutes and being told it would be another 3-4 hrs wait...we left. The swelling was so bad, they wouldn't have been able to do anything anyways. So we came home and 2 days's still really swollen. And bruised. We decided that he looks kind of like an Avatar. I'm going to try and take him in to see our Family Doctor on Tuesday morning...before my c-section that afternoon! Talk about ringing in the New Year!

For New Year's we had some friends over, the kids played, we ate chicken wings, the kids went to bed, we watched a movie, had chocolate fondue and watched the countdown, had some bubbly drink and then...went to bed. It was perfect.

So now...we wait for Tuesday. We're not actually waiting, we're still busy trying to get stuff done. I made curtains for Connor's room and the baby's room, and we painted Connor's room (Actually, Spencer's mom came up and did that for us). So....that's all for now, I have a c-section scheduled for 2pm on Tuesday. The countdown begins....

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